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I was that kid that was told to “not touch the tools or the welder” by my dad at the age of 7, and well, you know what the first thing I did when he walked away was. I customized my riding lawnmower at the age of 10 using plumbing chrome pipes for the sink for fake dual exhaust pipes.


High school is where auto shop class started to teach me the rights and wrongs of mechanics. And after my first co-op experience, I got the real feel for working on cars and did so well they asked me to return for a second term of co-op. During college of trades, in my downtime, I started working on the side with my car club buddies customizing our rides at my home shop, and it stuck it in my head that I shouldn’t fix cars cause making them cooler was more fun, and the outcome was way better. And so the hot toddler was born. 20+ years later, after running other shops and opening my own were here with a new shop after learning my lessons with my old place and realizing you can’t do it all your self.


Ready for more trophies and magazine articles and more movie cars and all in all ready to void warranties tear into some rides.

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